More obligation for indication and transparency for products concerning sustainibility

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We want the European Union to adopt new, stricter laws for companies, guaranteeing sustainable products.

Examples for laws:

§1 Every product has to contain a list of all the harmful substances and pollution  emitted during its production. This has to be verified by independent consultants.

§2 All products containing meat from industrial livestock farming or other ingredients that harm local ecosystems have an obligation for indication.

§3 Every company producing electronic devices has to be obliged to take back old or damaged products and to properly recycle them.

§4 For all harmful substances and pollution emitted during the production of their products companies have to pay a compensation which will help to fund projects supporting nature conservation.


With these laws adopted it will be possible for each customer to see which products are more sustainable and better for the environment than others.

They also force the companies to do more for nature conservation and care for their emissions, helping to improve our life and the lives of future generations, providing a healthy, clean planet with an environment in better shape.