#BreakTheDeadlock for EPPO: EuParl-Candidate Kovesi is the choice of European citizens

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It's a want of further European integration to tackle the rampant amount of corruption and large-scale, cross-border crime apparrent in many European countries and costing EU's taxpayers billions of Euros every year. For that reason, 22 member states have signed up in 2017 to create a European Public Persecutor's Office (EPPO) which is set to start it's work in 2021. However, European Parliaments and the Council of Member States are now in a deadlock over the candidate for this position.

In light of this kind of crime persisting in Europe and of many European governments being involved in highly doubtable and risky judicial reforms that endanger their persecution in the future, it's now a decisive moment to make clear what Europe stands for, holding up their high common value of the rule of law and working united to tackle crime and corruption.
Laura Codruța Kövesi, the former chief of Romania's anticorruption directorate, would not only, as many European policitians have expressed, be an excellent choice for this position but also express a strong and bold sign that crime and corruption and all efforts to prevent their persecution will not be tolerated. 
Romania's government for that reason already has been working hard against her proficiency in the persecution and corruption, removing her from her national function and blocking her nomination process in every which way, even travel restrictions that have just now been been lifted by Romania's high court.

But it was also other governments that decided to vote against her nomination out of fear of her clear stance against high scale crime in Europe, like in Bulgaria, or shy away from confronting their European Partners on this issue, risking to tackle the common issue of cross-border corruption. To have a clear position and a bold stance in this question is an urgent need of every European citizen.
This is the time to act, and there are just some days left. We ask the European Council to end the deadlock and accept the European Parliaments candidate Kövesi as the clear choice of the citizens of Europe!