Bosnia: save thousands of people trapped in freezing temperatures

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A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Bosnia, where 3,000 refugees, migrants and asylum seekers are having to camp outdoors in the snow. Temperatures have fallen below 0°C, and people risk freezing to death. 

1500 people are in the temporary camp of Lipa, 30 km from Bihać – and neither local nor international authorities seem interested in finding a solution to this crisis. Thousands of people are blocked here, other hundreds are scattered in the woods without any form of assistance.

“RiVolti ai Balcani” is composed of over 36 entities and individuals involved in the protection of human rights and the fundamental principles of the Italian Constitution and European and international norms. This network has been sharing appeals coming from citizens and volunteers, be they Bosnian, Italian or from other European countries -- which all call for governments to put a stop to the humanitarian catastrophe in progress, and to save people from death and illness in sub-zero temperatures. 

 RiVolti ai Balcani” requests that the European Union, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the EU delegation to the High Representative in Bosnia Herzegovina, the International Organization for Migration, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia Herzegovina, the authorities of the Una Sana Canton and the Bihać Municipality, and the authorities of the country’s two Entities – the Federation and Republika Srpska:

- find an immediate solution to the current humanitarian emergency in the Bihać area and Bosnia Herzegovina in general;

define long-term solutions equipping Bosnia Herzegovina with and effective refugee reception and protection system;

enact a humanitarian evacuation programme aimed at placing the migrants in all the countries of the European Union.