Add vegan hot dog to the Costco food court menu

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Shopping at Costco is an experience that many people look forward to, and the food court and its iconic menu items have historically been a big part of that. A giant slice of pizza, or the $1.50 hot dog/soda combo are meals that I've always looked forward to. But I've been vegan for 8 years, and meat-free for over a decade.

Sorry, but when I feel like a hot dog or pizza, a salad is the last thing on my mind.

Veganism is growing at an incredible pace, with millions of people opting to eat meat-free for animal rights reasons, the health benefits, or because meat production is unsustainable and is destroying our planet.

IKEA recently unveiled a vegan hot dog that has been a huge success. Before that they added vegan Swedish Meatballs.

The Impossible Whopper has been such a huge success that Burger King is now rolling it out nation-wide.

KFC's recent test of vegan fried chicken by Beyond Meat shows exactly how high the demand is for animal-free versions of the foods we love.

Costco is headquartered in the Seattle area, and it so happens that the best vegan hot dog (in my opinion) is also from a Seattle company. The Field Roast Frankfurter is one that I'd put at the top of the list if I were commissioned to pick a mass-market vegan hot dog that everybody would love. Costco already sells Field Roast sausages in a 12-pack, so presumably they already have a good relationship with Field Roast.

But competition is heating up, and Beyond Meat's sausages are also very viable options.

The future is vegan, it is critical for animals and it is critical for the environment. But veganism as a mainstream trend is relatively new, so we need to work together and tell companies exactly what products we want them to sell to us.

Please sign my petition to add a vegan hot dog option to the Costco food court menu.

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