Citizens for a Safer Circle

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Tell Corvallis City Council that you support improving safety on Circle Boulevard!

Safety for All!

We all want and deserve to live in safe, healthy communities. Roads with slower traffic speeds and safe and comfortable sidewalks and bike lanes make communities and neighborhoods more livable by ensuring all people can get safely to where they need to go – work, school, church, grocery stores, or parks. They also help people feel more connected to their neighbors, which improves quality of life.

Circle Boulevard is a barrier for many in our community as it is an unsafe roadway. High speeds, limited center turn lanes, long distances between pedestrian crossings and unprotected bike lanes are crash risk factors and many people feel unsafe crossing or riding along the street. 

There is a critical opportunity in the immediate future to make safety improvements for people driving, walking and biking. Circle Boulevard between Highland Dr. and Dogwood Dr. is scheduled to be repaved in the Summer of 2020. This is a once in a decade opportunity to improve safety for ALL road users by re-striping Circle with a center turn lane, two lanes of travel, bike lanes with a buffer and neighborhood parking. This type of street re-organization is very low-cost has been proven to reduce ALL crashes by 29% without adverse impacts to drivers travel time. 

We have the opportunity to redesign Circle Boulevard using effective, proven, and low-cost strategies that support safety and livability. Please tell Corvallis City Council and Public Works that you support improving safety on Circle Boulevard!

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P.S. Please do not pay to promote the petition. We'll figure out some way to donate for materials like yard signs. If you want to help out, just read up on the resources and talk to your friends and neighbors!