TOUGHER and CLEARER charges for drink drivers!

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The Government and Parliament CAN stop you from having that harrowing ‘knock on the door’ and the trauma of a loved one being killed by a drink driver. They need to ensure that the Criminal Courts:- 


  • INCREASE DETERRENTS / LENGTH OF PRISON SENTENCES to make sentencing PROPORTIONATE as promised in 2016/2017.


  • Get rid of the uncertainty over ‘allowed’ units of alcohol. MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO DRINK AND DRIVE.

The Criminal Justice System is still wholly inadequate with  regard to sentences for 'drink-driving', even after the governments puffed-up hype about 'tougher' and 'proportionate' sentencing in 2016/2017.  They must ensure that the charge of ‘Causing Death by Careless Driving Whilst Under the Influence of Alcohol…’ is removed from the courts and instead make all charges AUTOMATICALLY DANGEROUS TO DRINK AND DRIVE. Killing someone when drunk must  be called MANSLAUGHTER, never ‘Careless Driving...’ as it stands now. Charges must reflect the loss of innocent lives, not a Road-Traffic offence. 

 The length of sentencing needs to be a deterrent, not a weak slap on the wrist. ‘Proportionate’ justice was promised by the Government in 2016/2017, why are we still waiting?

 Very few people think in ‘units’ of alcohol, especially after a couple of drinks. It’s much simpler to BAN DRINKING AND DRIVING altogether, then we all know where we stand!


 My son, Wayne Moores was twenty eight years old. His life was stolen eight years ago by a drunk, with no care for any other person on the road at that time. Wayne’s killer, a woman, was not fit to be in charge of a car, she was illegally speeding and illegally undertaking another vehicle, as well as being well over the drink driving limit. She was extremely drunk and out of control! She drove for miles in this state, ‘an accident waiting to happen’ according to the Judge!

 Wayne was left to die in the road, as his killer ran and hid, trying to escape justice (a ‘hit and run’!). Yes, I am angry!

 Yet, this drunken woman was regarded by the Criminal Courts as driving ‘carelessly’! Not even with being dangerous! She served only three years of a six year prison sentence and was allowed back on the road in five years. There were no financial penalties that I know of.

 Things need to change now, I don’t want anyone else to be left feeling as I do. The sentence of ‘Causing Death by Careless Driving whilst under the Influence of alcohol…’ is still used today and has to go. It is ridiculous, archaic and it undervalues the life of my son and every innocent individual’s life annihilated in this way. The Criminal Justice System let Wayne down very badly by being so weak!

 So, I have promised Wayne, that I will try to campaign for better. It’s a mission and it gives me a purpose as Wayne's Mother. He would love to see me standing tall with all of you, his bright sparkling eyes filled with determination.  

 Please help by signing and holding this government to account. Help us to protect the lives of your families and loved ones. 

Thank you

Wayne's Mum.

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