Consort Healthcare to give back the £950000 the Scottish Government has given them

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Consort Healthcare have taken £950000 from the Scottish Government to cancel parking charges for three hospitals, Ninewells in Dundee, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and Glasgow Royal Infirmary for a three month period whilst our brave Doctors and Nurses battle to save lives in the fight against the Coronavirus.

We implore Consort Healthcare to hand this money back so that it can be used to buy masks, PPE, ventilators or any other equipment needed.

We're currently living under lockdown in an effort to save lives. As we've discovered with Prince Charles and Boris Johnson contracting the virus, Covid-19 does not care how much money or influence you have. We need every penny we can muster in order to buy all the equipment needed to fight this virus.

Whomever made the decision to take this money, please change your mind. I hope that none of the people in your company get this virus. I hope that none of your families get this virus. From what we've seen around the world, this is not a time for profiteering. This is a time for laying aside EVERYTHING in an effort that when we get through this, we'll be able to say we did everything in our power to save each other.