Remove COVID infected residents from Three Rivers Nursing Home

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When COVID first happen there were zero positive tests from the residents. They had an no in no out policy. Out of no where it went from 1 positive test  from an employee and 2 Positive test from residents. Now it is 14 cases total. 2 employees, 12 residents, in which one has died! My grandmother Maryjane Jackson in this in nursing home and she is 82 years old. I’m so worried about her and scared imagine how everyone else’s family feels if there family is in there! When we put our loved ones in there we thought we were giving them the best thing for them and they would be safe! Granted once COVID happens it’s hard to stop! That doesn’t mean there isn’t something wrong! They should be removing these infected residents to another facility! This is not safe and scares and worries Many of us because our loved ones are in there! Please sign this petition to help every single one in there and to try and stay as healthy as possible. They are really high at risk and this is not okay and there has to be something wrong! Please help try to solve this problem!