Pass Common Sense Gun Control

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I am a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS, where the school shooting happened on 02/14/18. I am close friends with one of the victims and I want common sense gun control to be passed to prevent more families from losing loved ones in these terrible tragedies. I'm lucky that I was on the other side of the school when the shooting started and was evacuated quickly.

Nick Cruz killed SEVENTEEN people, some who were freshman just starting their second semester of high school, others seniors who just committed to the colleges of their dreams. He took away their hopes and aspirations. He should not have been able to carry an assault rifle.

We need to convince our elected officials that now is the time to speak up against the NRA and promote some form of gun control. They should not be worrying about how much money they will make or whether they will be re-elected. Innocent people are DYING because of gun violence. These children and heroes might be alive today.

There’s a reason why other countries don’t have mass shootings and as a nation, we should work towards that. Please sign and share this petition with everyone you know. Nobody should have to face tragedies like this.