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Forbes: "No End In Sight to China's Food Safety Woes"

Bettina Siegel and Nancy Huehnergarth

Feb 12, 2014 — Forbes contributor Kenneth Rapoza discusses in this 2/5/14 piece the serious food safety problems in China, including its most recent avian flu crisis and the fact that "[m]ore than three-quarters of the surface water flowing through China’s urban areas is considered unsuitable for drinking or fishing." Read more here:

No End In Sight To China's Food Safety Woes
No End In Sight To China's Food Safety Woes
Welcome to China. Don't eat the chicken. Or drink the water. Doctors in Beijing warned this week that the country's bird flu crisis is fast becoming pandemic. In Hong Kong, news reports of chickens being led to slaughter or tossed dead into plastic bags have hit the airwaves once more.