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抵制中國狗肉節Boycott of dog meat a festival in China; 。




Urge the Chinese Government to enact legislation to prohibit eating cats, dogs with wildlife and the cessation of all activities of the dog meat festival.


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Concern Animal Heart Ltd
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Concern Animal Heart Ltd. 關注動物心協會有限公司.

In China more than one a place to eat dog and cat meat and wild animals, cats and wildlife, Also not only one place organizes the dog meat festival, so we hope that everyone can urge the Chinese Government to introduce legislation prohibiting the above activities. Urges the Chinese Government to domestic cities requires the closure of a worldwide feel extremely cruel and brutal Festival "dog meat Festival", and then, use to educate the public to love animals, never to abandon the dogs and cats, also refrain from cruelty and killing them. In addition, China's domestic government animal a house of custody, facilities serious defaced, furthermore in detention house of government staff never to care and will be death soon of animals..., they never give them water and food, Let them kill each other eat their own companions in the room, this is very inhumane. Although these animals will be dead soon, also will have 2 or 3 days, if this is what humans will be affected by the Fa-rectification, I think that the Chinese Government will give the humanitarian to support for this will be dead prisoners. Unauthorized are breeding the dogs and cats of no humane places, pet shop have not to correct supervision is also made of stray animals appear. So, please come together to sign your name, and we would like to submit all signatures to the Government in Beijing, China.

在中國不止一處地方有吃貓狗肉和野生動物, 還有不只是一處地方有舉辦狗肉節, 所以我們希望大家一齊懇請中國政府立法禁止以上活動,促請中國政府向國內的城市要求停辦一個令全世界也感到極度殘酷和野蠻的節日「狗肉節」。並教育市民愛護動物, 不要遺棄貓狗, 也不要殘酷虐待和殺害牠們。另外, 中國國內的政府的動物扣留所, 設施極度污損, 而且扣留所內的政府職員完全對待可能將被處死的動物, 從不給與牠們水和糧食, 讓牠們在房內自相殘殺吃同類, 這種情況極度不人道, 雖然牠們將會死亡, 但也有2-3天的時間吧, 如果這是人類將受正法的話, 我想中國政府也會為這將接受死亡的犯人給與最後的人道支援吧。還有私人繁殖貓狗地方, 沒有正確監管寵物店也是做成流浪動物出現,所以拜託大家一齊簽名支持, 而我們希望將所有簽名提交到中國北京政府。