Cyclocross in the list of Olympic Winter Sports

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We want to ask that Cyclocross can be included on the list of sports participants in the Olympic Winter Games.
Cyclocross is a purely winter sport, practiced since several years by cyclists from all world (surely in all countries where many sports of winter olympics games are practiced). Rain, mud, cold, ice and snow, don't stop cross riders.
World championships are organized since 1950 and followed by many fans.
There is also a World Cup, where the best athletes compete during the winter season, this to demonstrate the maturity and organizational concreteness of the sport.
It's an intercontinental sport, practiced by thousands of professional cyclists, amateurs and young athletes.
Nothing to envy to many other winter sports, new and old.

In recent years, interest has grown more in this sport, as evidenced even by the enlargement of the offer to cyclists by bike's manufacturers regarding cyclocross products.

The Olympic race can be performed without problems even on a circuit covered by snow, exactly like a cross-country skiing race (maybe even in the same place). to be in line of philosophy of the other Olympic sports on snow and ice.
And if it's hotter than expected, you can save money on artificial snow, cross-riders can ride the bikes in muddy melting snow...

As the road cycling, track and mountain bike are already included in summer games, even the winter version of cycling deserves to be celebrated under the Olympic flame, as many champions of this sport deserve to have the opportunity to wear a medal.
Cyclocross has all the necessary requirements to be Olympic game!

With this petition we want demonstrate the high approval rating which can produce the inclusion of cyclocross in the Winter Olympics.
To see realized our dream, to see a cyclocross olympic champion.