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Mayor Derek Corrigan;Comfort Women, Not a statue of peace, a magnet for conflicts. 慰安婦、平和の像あらず、軋轢を引寄せる磁石 Comfort Women, Not a statue of peace, a magnet for conflicts. カナダBC州バーナビー市慰安婦像設置反対 カナダBC州バーナビー市慰安婦像設置反対

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Our petition is to oppose the City of Burnaby to develop a statue of comfort woman/a memorial cenotaph of comfort women in Central Park, Burnaby BC.

Why we oppose?

The issue of comfort women is very controversial, sensitive issue and one of the most unsolvable political disputes between Japan and Korea as of today.

  • For example, Korea calls for an unequivocal public apology for comfort women from Japan but Japan says Japanese PM apologized officially many times for Korea.
  • Korea asks for compensation from Japan but the contribution of $47 million to the Asian Women’s Fund created to assist former comfort women by Japan was not even considered good enough by Korean comfort women. Both nations do not agree with each other over this highly political issue for years. 

Do you know such a statute already exists in the US?

  • The statue has been a focal point for demonstrations which led to the bullying of children whose only “fault” was having Japanese parents.
  • If we allowed such a statue to be built here, it would send the wrong message to Canada as a whole that it is acceptable for one immigrant community to accuse another, citing historical grievances from their country of origin.
  • US cities like Fairfax and Glendale where comfort women memorials have gone up experienced a great deal of turmoil in their communities and ignited division between Japanese and Koreans communities since. 

Do we need this statue in Canada?

No!!  We believe it is in everybody’s best interest to thrive in a multicultural society as Canada is, to lead to many great outcomes, including racial and ethnic harmony and to work together to discourage hatred and violence.

Choose to live in harmony with one another in our multicultural society and sign this petition to say “No” to development of a statue of a comfort woman, a possible cause of conflicts in Central Park, Burnaby BC.  (See below US articles for more information.)

BC Japan Network

From Los Angeles Daily News April 18 2014; Glendale comfort women statue controversy goes to U.S. District Court

"It is intended as a tribute to hundreds of thousands of women believed to be rounded up and forced into sexual slavery, but the issue remains controversial to this day because many conservatives in Japan dispute some of the estimates of how extensive the practice was." 

From Los Angeles Times November 05 2013;Glendale's 'comfort women' memorial still stirs controversy

“Glendale Mayor Dave Weaver said a memorial to "comfort women" -- sex slaves taken by the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II -- is continuing to cause controversy and damaging its relationship with its sister city, Higashiosaka.”

The statue has been a point of controversy for months. Glendale installed it following a request by the Korean-American Sister City Assn., despite a barrage of emails from Japanese nationals and Japanese Americans protesting the roughly $30,000 replica of a memorial that sits outside the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.”

From Fairfax Times.Com May 30 2014;Memorial to human trafficking victims causes controversy

Fairfax County leaders found themselves in the middle of a decades-old international dispute this week as they prepared to unveil a new memorial honoring the so-called “comfort women” of World War II.”

“There are many human rights issues, present and past, in the world. It is not fair to single out and blame only Japan,” wrote Delaware resident Satoko Odom.

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Noです!! カナダのような多文化社会の中で繁栄することは、全ての人にとって最善の利益なのだと私たちは信じます。人種や民族の調和といった沢山の素晴らしい果実をもたらし、ヘイトや暴力を許さぬよう力を合わせていく為にも。






2014年、4月18日 ロサンゼルス デイリーニュース

2013年11月5日 ロサンゼルス タイムス
“グレンデール市の市長、デイヴ ウィーバー氏によると、第二次世界大戦中に日本帝国陸軍によって性奴隷にされた「慰安婦」のメモリアル像が未だに論議をかもし続いており、姉妹都市である東大阪市との関係にも悪影響を与えている。“


2014年5月30日 フェアファックス タイムス ドットコム

ディラウェイ在住 Satoko Odam)


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