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Stop the Injustice NOW, Change Support Laws In Colorado

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People run from their responsibilities as parents, becoming "deadbeats" when divorced, because parenting has become punitive. Marriage, the foundation of the institution of family, is being avoided because divorce has become punitive.

I would argue that any person who does not fulfill their moral support obligation is a deadbeat. This includes parents who choose to remain unemployed, or underemployed, levying the financial burden of their own life or the lives of their children onto another.

In Colorado civil courts and under Colorado civil law, the best liar wins and gets to legally punish the person who chooses not to, or is least able to deceive. Colorado civil courts turn a blind eye to the deceit choosing not to punish the perjury.

Colorado support laws lack the essential elements which make a law effective: Common sense, fairness, and justice. The law should not only seek to increase the quality of life of the person who does not earn as much as the other, but should also seek to limit the impact (harm), and obligation of the payer. If the law doesn't, what incentive does the recipient of this form of individualized welfare have to better themselves? This has to be applied to both spousal support, as well as child support.

Colorado support laws need to change. The formula and use of the child support enforcement agency has usurped the purpose of the court, which is to decide what is fair, and just. The court has an obligation to the people it serves to rule fairly and punish deceit (perjury). I understand not wanting to get in the middle, which is what the law does by enforcing a formula, however, that is the court's job. A good law and a good court does not just look at the good it does one person, but also limits the consequences to the other. Colorado law does not do this.


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