Let Students Use their Preferred Name on CollegeBoard

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Every year, students across the country take exams such as the SAT, PSAT, and AP Exams through the not-for-profit organization CollegeBoard; students must also sign up for the CollegeBoard website in order to receive their scores. Through the organization, students can also receive emails from colleges and universities in order to promote interest in the programs they offer. However, the information forms filled out prior to the tests and used for website registration include no empty space for preferred names. They only include a space for legal names.

As a result, transgender and non-binary students who elect to use a name (their preferred name) other than their legal name often feel upset, insulted, and/or invalidated upon receiving emails addressed to their deadname from colleges; these feelings also arise when students must fill out the forms prior to AP exams or their SAT/PSAT using their legal name.

It is essential that CollegeBoard addresses this and adds a preferred name space to the forms filled out before website registration, the AP exams, and the PSAT or SAT. The CollegeBoard organization is meant to address the academic needs of all students, and the organization must also acknowledge the identity of the students who take their exams and use their college email program. It is crucial for transgender or non-binary individuals to be accounted for and acknowledged when moving toward higher learning.

I ask that you sign this petition to help push for the acknowledgement of this flaw in the CollegeBoard system; the safety and acceptance of transgender and non-binary students is very important, and as we prepare to begin another school year in a few short months, it is crucial that we address this issue for the future non-binary and transgender students who enter high school and begin the pursuit of higher learning.