Get Cashaa on Coinbase (This Petition will be sent to all relevant exchanges!)

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Title: Help us get Cashaa on Coinbase!  Be a Part of the movement.

Dear Cashaa Family,

It's December 2017 and Cashaa has just closed out it's Token Sale.  2018 is about to be a big year for all of us, but we need your help!  While Cashaa is already in partnerships with Airbitz and a few soon to be announced Exchanges, The next step we need to do as a community is to get Cashaa on Coinbase. This partnership will help increase Cashaa's quest of Global Adoption to the world by tenfold, and by this partnership in turn will  help solidify Coinbase as the leading exchange in the industry.

To Coinbase,

As we are part of the Cashaa Community, I am one of many proud to ask for your consideration with regards to helping Cashaa place CAS on your exchange for the Crypto Currency Community. Their Solid blockchain technology, amazing partnerships, and vision for future services is essential to the space and will change the future of banking forever. Please consider working alongside Cashaa to becoming the leaders in this industry together.

If this is your first time hearing about Cashaa please go to the website and see why Cashaa will be the #1 Banking solution in the world.  Currently #12 in the 100 most influential BlockChain Companies, Cashaa is set to be on exchanges Jan 15th. , so be apart of the journey

and Together make Cashaa on Coinbase a reality.

#TeamworkmakestheDreamwork #Cashaa2018 #Coinbase


P.S: For those of us in the Cashaa community who really want this to happen, Please take a moment to Contact Coinbase here: