Let Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian nominee, debate during the 2020 Presidential Debates

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Jo Jorgensen will appear on the ballot in all fifty states, yet the CPD ignores her due to its joint sponsorship by the Republican and Democrat parties.

Every year the presidential debates showcase only two candidates, yet there are almost always more than two candidates. This petition serves to show the support of having Jo Jorgensen debate on the nationally televised presidential debates, regardless of the network.

This year is the 100th year anniversary of women's suffrage, and Jorgensen is being silenced by the CPD. We must let Jo Jorgensen, the only woman in the 2020 presidential race, debate in the mainstream media. Not doing so is disruption of the proper democratic process, and we should hold the media accountable for that.

#LetJoDebate #LetHerSpeak