Replace Fireworks with Noiseless Fireworks, Laser Shows and Drones

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Help stop companion animals and wildlife being terrorised by fireworks.

Every year thousands of companion animals/wildlife and people with sensory disorders and PTSD are terrorised by the noise of fireworks while most of us celebrate. This leads to severely injured, lost and deceased animals. Dogs and cats hit and killed by cars as they run frantically through the streets trying to escape the terrifying noise, horses tearing themselves apart on fencing as they race around the paddocks in fear and wildlife blindly running in terror across busy highways.

The aim of this petition is to replace current fireworks with a  suitable alternative such as noiseless fireworks and laser shows so that we can still enjoy our celebrations while not putting our animals and others at risk.

Noiseless fireworks and laser shows are now used in celebrations overseas. The local government of Collecchio, Italy, has successfully created a law that fireworks used in the town must be noiseless. Venues close to residents, livestock and wildlife in Britain are often permitted to use "Quiet Fireworks" only.  While in parts of Europe noiseless fireworks are increasing in popularity. Why can't Australia do the same?

Please sign my petition and help end the fireworks misery for our beloved animals and their owners.