Close Chennai (Kodungaiyur and Perungudi) Dump Yards

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Close Chennai (Kodungaiyur and Perungudi) Dump Yards

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Sri Vivek started this petition to Shri. Narendra Modi (Hon'ble Prime Minister of India) and

Wake up India, Its time!

Help the people living around these dumpyards.

Save us. We sacrifice our lives to make India look clean.

Why are we neglected?

We Indians are much motivated about Swachh Bharat and we clean our places. But we never concentrate on reducing wastes or treat wastes properly. Solid Waste Management methods in India are a threat to crores of lives around these dump yards. Chennai is one among cities in India where Solid Wastes are not treated properly thus causing threat to several lakhs of lives of people.

The Chennai city's major toxic dumpyards are located in Kodungaiyur and Perungudi. The Kodungaiyur dumping yard is the largest municipal solid waste dumpyard in the city of Chennai. From a small patch of land, it has grown rapidly over the last two decades, to the point where it now accommodates mixed garbage from several corporation zones. Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board records indicate that the yard is illegal & has no authorization for dumping from environmental regulators, and is in violation of the Municipal Solid Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2000.

Some of the violations in Chennai are as follows:

• Article 21 of The Constitution of India provides Fundamental Rights under Chapter IIIRight to pollution free water and air is curtailed in Kodungaiyur and Perungudi by the State Govt Agencies.

Rule 8 of site selection criteria under Schedule III of Municipal Solid Waste Handling Rules, 2000, states,

“The landfill site shall be away from habitation clusters, forest areas, water bodies, monuments, National Parks, Wetlands and places of important cultural, historical or religious interest.”

Kodungaiyur &Perungudi is a wetland and is in close proximity to human habitation. An estimated 100,000 people reside in Kodungaiyur.

Rule 9 states:

“A buffer zone of no-development shall be maintained around landfill site and shall be incorporated in the Town Planning Department’s land use plans.”

Many residential colonies like Ezhil Nagar, Rajarathinam Nagar have been set up within 20m of the dump yard. Pannakara Nagar have been set up inside the dump yard. Many residential settlements pre-date the dumping ground, which was set up in spite of the fact that there were human settlements in the vicinity.The dump has come up in the vicinity of established residential areas, some developed by the Tamil Nadu Housing Board. Other settlements such as the Slum Clearance Board tenements in Rajarathinam Nagar came up after the dumping began.

Rule 1.4 under the collection of municipal solid waste under Schedule II of Municipal Solid Waste Handling Rules, 2000 states:

“Bio-medical wastes and industrial wastes shall not be mixed with municipal solid wastes and such wastes shall follow the rules separately specified for the purpose.”

Bio-medical waste is regularly dumped in the dumping yard. Residents have complained about this numerous times to the authorities but this has failed to evoke any action.

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) maintains Kodungaiyur dump yard as an Institutional Area. How can a dump yard exists in an Institutional Area ?

Corporation of Chennai(website) states that the life expectancy of Kodungaiyur and Perungudi dump yard is 2015. But the dumping of wastes exceeds everyday instead of getting decreased.

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority(CMDA) Land use maps:

CMDA Maps show that the current dump site exists in Institutional Area(Marked in Red)

1. CMDA Maps (Kodungaiyur MP)

Reports on air quality near Chennai dump yards: 

Tests conducted on air samples taken from a residential area close to the much reviled Kodungaiyur dump yard have revealed the presence of 19 toxic chemicals that affect every part of the human body, people fighting for the closure of the dump yard have said.

Benzene, a carcinogen, was found to be present a whopping 50 times above the levels considered safe for long-term exposure by the United States Environment Protection Agency (USEPA). Another carcinogen, 1-3 Butadiene, was present 8.5 times above the USEPA safety limit. Both these chemicals are known to cause cancer over long exposure.

More alarming perhaps was the level of Acrolein, which clocked in at 12.4 times the USEPA safety limit. The chemical is flagged for its harmful effects on the eyes, skin, respiratory system and heart, even for short periods of exposure.

Report links :

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Journals/Reports :

1. American Society of Civil Engineers

2. Universal Journal of Environmental Research and Technology

Living conditions of people in the proximity of the dump yard:

The living conditions for residents living in the vicinity of the dump are miserable. The constantly smoldering garbage dump releases a shroud of toxic smoke that is blamed for the rampant health problems in the neighborhood. First in the line of fire from the dump are the waste pickers, who brave the smoke (and in many instances, cause the smoke by setting fire to the garbage) to scratch a living by recovering resources from the dump.

Air quality in Kodungaiyur is particularly unhealthy. Results of two ambient air samples taken from the garbage dump indicate the presence of dangerous levels of toxic gases, including chemicals like benzene, acrylonitrile, 1-4 dichlorobenzene and chloromethane, all carcinogens. 

Facts about Kodungaiyur Dumpyard:

Ganesan Perumal, a resident of Kodungaiyur who is one among them to protest to shift the dump yard for past many years gives us the following details about Kodungaiyur dump yard.

1)  People commenced building houses in Kodungaiyur way
back 1972 in DTCP approved layouts. There was no garbage dump yard as such at that time. One green grass form alone existed in that area.
2)  By the year 1985 small quantities of garbage was being moved to the vicinity of Tondiarpet - Moolakadai High Road which was very near to habitations. As the mixed garbage were emanating obnoxious smell, residents of the area protested vehemently.
3)  Based on our protests steps were initiated by the Commissioner, Corporation of Madras to unload the garbage directly into the green grass form existing near by for which a temporary bridge was constructed on Kodungaiyur canal in the year 1985. Unfortunately the temporary bridge collapsed due to heavy loads passing over the bridge.
4)  Further copies of Second Master Plan of CMDA were submitted to Corporation Authorities to show that the present dump yard area was
exclusively earmarked for better purposes such as development of Hospitals, Colleges, Markets, Bus Terminus and such other Institutions and not for dumping of garbage. It is therefore clear that the area is reserved for developments works till the year 2026 and any change in this status require the sanction of Supreme Court.
5)  Proposal for generation of electric power from mixed garbage was examined and discussed in expert committees. It is observed that it is a flop all over the world, and hence the efforts of the authorities in this regard will be a waste and uneconomical.
6)  Kindly note that North Chennai is the worst sufferer on many accounts (Health and Educational facilities) especially due to the existence of Kodungaiyur Dump Yard. Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Smoke, Dusts, Mosquito Menace, Fly Menace, Environmental degradation have spoiled the North Chennai and put its development on back burner.
7)  Earlier garbage were burning in the Kodungaiyur Dump yard. Now that has been stopped and solved after the action taken by the (Thiru. Vikram Kapur) Commissioner, Corporation of Chennai. Thanks to the higher authorities.
8)  Due to this Dump yard many people surrounded by this area were affected by Cancer, respiratory diseases, Skin Diseases, Children affected immunity.

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Some of the plans by the Govt. still on paper:

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Request by the people for alternatives in this dump yard:

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We humbly request our Honorable Prime Minister of India to initiate and campaign for Swachh Bharat by reducing the wastes produced and for better Solid Waste Management methods so as to save the lives of several millions of citizens in our country living around dump yards

We humbly request our Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to implement the following to save the lives of citizens.
1. Stop dumping of wastes in Kodungaiyur and Perungudi which lies near to residential areas. Relocate dump yard out of City limits.
2. Immediate Closure of Kodungaiyur and Perungudi dump yards by scientific methods. The work must start in short duration of time with a deadline specified.
3. People living in and around the area must be screened and treated for diseases caused by improper methods of wastes disposal.
4. Convert the dump yard into parks which will help increase Chennai’s green cover.
5. Immediately establish decentralized waste processing units that complies with MSW rules framed by Govt. of India.

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This petition had 7,873 supporters