Clemency for Father of Medically Fragile 12 year old Daughter.

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Mystika Harlie Sky Wallace is a very happy, inquisitive 12 years old girl who lives on a farm in North Dakota. Shortly following birth, she was diagnosed with spastic Cerebral Palsy and today relies on a wheelchair and needs help with all her daily needs. 

She loves her father, Larry Wallace, who has been in federal prison for a nonviolent drug charge since 2006. He writes Mystika letters and sends her drawings and funny pictures which delight her and make her laugh. But the last time she was able to visit him was 2007 because he is far away in Colorado. 

Larry was convicted of Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance. His role in this drug crime was fronting for others involved in the same conspiracy, but he was never caught with any drugs himself. He was told by the prosecutor that if he did not plead guilty the federal government would seek a life sentence.

He received a sentence of 21 years in prison because the government used a 7 gram marijuana sale from 13 years earlier to enhance his sentence. Otherwise he would have received a sentence of five (5) years (which is the average sentence length for his crime) and not an ADDITIONAL SEVENTEEN YEARS and would be free by now!

There’s no reason Larry Wallace should spend the next 10 years in prison. After 11 years he has paid his debt to society and keeping him in prison, away from his daughter, and at the expense of taxpayers, makes no sense. But in order for him to be released to get to know and care for his lovely daughter, he must receive clemency from President Trump.

Mystika lives right now with her wonderful grandparents who love her and take great care of her. They have cared for her most of her life because her dad is incarcerated and her mother died in 2013 due to her Type 2 diabetic health condition of uncontrollable blood sugars. Once released, Larry wants to be the best father possible for Mystika and care for her and raise her.                                      

Please sign and SHARE this petition to help Mystika bring her father home to take care of her. She loves her father so much and wants to live with him and know him as her father.               

To read more information about Larry's federal legal case and circumstances, please visit CAN-DO Clemency which advocates for those seeking clemency: