Allow Mobile Signs....1000's of Winnipeg Small Businesses need this to survive!

Allow Mobile Signs....1000's of Winnipeg Small Businesses need this to survive!

January 13, 2020
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City of Winnipeg Councillors
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Why this petition matters

Started by Gaurav Bhatt

The Urban Planning division at the City of Winnipeg is unnecessarily cracking down on Mobile Signs. We fully support them in wanting to improve the City's streetscapes and want to work with them to find better solutions. However, the Urban Planning Division is introducing legislation that will seriously harm 1000's of small businesses across Winnipeg by placing significant restrictions on Mobile Sign marketing. These small businesses are the heartbeat of the economy. They cannot afford huge newspaper style flyer drops, expensive electronic billboard signs or even spend thousands in online marketing to compete with the "big-box stores". Mobile signs are extremely cost effective way to reach 1000's of customers that drive by their neighbourhood.

Further, when we constantly hear about how the City of Winnipeg is facing a budget crunch, our Mobile Sign Industry contributes almost $500,000 in annual revenues by taking Mobile Sign Permits for each rental. If their recommended changes to Mobile Signs take place, 1000's of businesses will not use them and thus directly reduce revenues for the City. 

Last week the Mobile Sign industry group reached out to the Urban Planning division at the City of Winnipeg to engage in a positive discussion to bridge any differences prior to the next Standing Policy Committee (SPC) on Property, Planning and Development meeting on February 3, 2020. They denied our request for a meeting. We are saddened and frustrated by this lack of willingness to re-engage.


Our industry group is in support of ALL of the proposed changes, except 3.
- Colour
- Size
- Mobile Signs in New Developments

There are 3 additional changes we support as proposed but require minor wording changes and clarification. They are:

- Length of Display Time
- Height
- Separation between Mobile Signs

Urban Planning has met with the Mobile Sign Industry on 2 occasions in 2019 for 90 minutes each time (Not enough time to process all proposed changes)
January 6th was the FIRST time we saw the full comprehensive report so we REQUIRE an additional meeting with them, hence our efforts this past week.
For proper industry consultation, it is important to meet once more to discuss this report from January 6th and to find alternatives that work for everyone.

Our Ask:

- Please contact the following Councillors to support our cause and tell them the way to clean up the City streetscapes is by cracking down on Mobile Signs that are rusted, in bad condition, damaged, using faded lettering, installed without permits or are otherwise derelict. They should NOT be limiting size, colour, length of display, height, etc...:on professionally managed Mobile Sign companies. 

Brian Mayes - St. Vital
Sherry Rollins - Fort Rouge / East Fort Garry
Matt Allard - St. Boniface
Janice Lukes - Waverley West 

- Ssign our petition to help bring about this change and get City Council to listen to us and help support 1000's of small businesses

We want to explain our perspectives and provide clear rational on why and how only a few changes can significantly hurt 1000’s of small businesses in Winnipeg and ultimately reduce tens of thousands of dollars in revenues for the City, particularly during budget crunch periods.

We want to cooperate with the Urban Planning division where the Mobile Sign Industry and their division can be unified on the recommendations that will be in the best interest of the City of Winnipeg, it’s citizens and businesses, without prejudice.

Thank you and we look forward to your support. 

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Signatures: 132Next Goal: 200
Support now