Opposition of Rezoning of Thermo Property to Heavy Industrial

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City of Sulphur Springs is trying to turn land on Hwy 11E from FM 1870 to FM 2560 into Heavy Industrial instead of Parks and Recreation that like they originally stated they were planning to do. This zoning will allow big companies, factories and who knows what else to ruin the peacefulness of where we live, take away homes of Deer, pigs and other wildlife that have been living in the area. They are trying to do this with only letting the people that live within 200 ft of the property and keeping it quiet from the rest of the people in the area, including the people over 200’. One solid argument is that this cannot be voted on by the people it affects due to it being city and not county. The citizens of Sulphur Springs (inside the city limits) will be able to vote the outcome for us without us (county citizens) having any rights or say in the matter. We, as county citizens are not allowed to vote on city ballots. We need your help in opposing this plan to ruin the peace of the country and disruption of country wildlife. I agree with factories and jobs, including the expansion of Sulphur Springs, our hometown, but not in our front yards.