Save Azúcar Lounge's Parklet

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The Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a devastating effect on small businesses and we expect the ramifications of the pandemic to linger for several years. Azúcar Lounge would not have survived without the support and guidance provided by the City of San Francisco. Allowing us to build a parklet for outdoor dining is a blessing that has allowed us to flourish during these trying times.

We are reaching out to you because we are being forced to dismantle our parklet. The City wants to resume the use of the space as a temporary bus stop that operates for only a few hours a day. The parklet and its location are critical to our business and its survival. While we are recovering, using our limited resources to break down and rebuild the parklet would be another nail in our coffin.

We have been in communication with Shared Spaces, the Department of Public Works, SFMTA, San Mateo County Transit hoping that by providing alternatives we would be able to persuade them to reverse their decision to dismantle and relocate our parklet. 

1) The peak hours bus stop is used for San Mateo Country Transit (SamTrans) to drop off passengers Monday - Friday during morning and evening peak commute hours.

2) There is already a duplicate drop-off stop for the same SamTrans bus route within half a block south of our parklet (adjacent to 375 9th Street).  That stop currently does not restrict parking during morning or evening commute periods like the temporary bus stop would but, the restrictions can be easily added to satisfy SamTrans requirements.

3) There is an unused loading zone and former passenger zone half a block north of the parklet (near 235 9th Street) that can be easily repurposed and used as a SamTrans drop-off stop instead.

Our solutions for relocating the SamTrans drop-off stop were not enough to dissuade the City of San Francisco and allow us to continue using this parklet. We feel that our City should reconsider and continue to support the growth of its local businesses and communities.

Please sign this petition and show support for our outdoor dining area in its current state.