Make the intersection of Catalina Boulevard and Cañon Street residential-only.

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Make the intersection of Catalina Boulevard and Cañon Street residential-only.

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Marisa Smith started this petition to Councilmember Lorie Zapf City of San Diego and

At 6:25am on March 2nd, 2015, seven-month-old Juniper Aavang was struck while in her stroller by an SUV travelling North on Catalina Boulevard, as it turned onto Cañon Street, Northeast-bound.

This was a preventable tragedy.

For decades, this intersection has plagued the residential and family-oriented nearby Point Loma community. Residents have pleaded with City and local authorities to remedy the situation, yet their concerns have remain unheard.

And now an amazing little girl has lost her life.

2014 census data shows that 17% of Point Loma citizens are aged 18 and under, and 28% of households have children. Additionally, there are 453 children attending nearby Sunset View Elementary. 

It is only a matter of time before this tragedy repeats itself.

We are asking the City of San Diego to end Cañon Street at Talbot Street, and to effectively close Cañon Street from Talbot Street to Catalina Boulevard. In order to accommodate the local residents, there will be an entrance and exit to Southernwood Way with a light at Catalina Boulevard, making the intersection usable by residents only. This will eliminate all traffic speeding North on Catalina Boulevard from ever turning West (Right) onto Cañon Street and into Point Loma residential neighbourhoods.

Cutting down a singular palm tree will not solve this issue.

The unused section of Cañon Street would be converted into green space. A space that will become a small memorial community park, where all San Diego families can once again enjoy a safe corner of the Point Loma community.

We are a family-focused community. Please keep it that way.

Juniper's relatives were born and raised in Point Loma, they still live in our community. This tragedy could have befallen any of our local families. Please keep our community safe and support making the intersection of Catalina Boulevard and Cañon Street an extension of Southernwood Way, thereby making it usable to residents-only.

Our sincere and deepest thanks for reading and signing.

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This petition had 1,558 supporters

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