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CITY OF OLDENBURG: Let human rights and BDS activist speak! Enable public debate!

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(German version will be added later) The "BDS Initiative Oldenburg" has got a valid contract with the Kulturbüro, City of Oldenburg, Germany for letting a room on Wednesday May 18, 2016, 7PM. The room was rented to host a talk with Ronnie Barkan, Israeli human rights activist, titled "BDS- the Palestinian human rights campaign introduces itself". 

The City of Oldenburg has cancelled the event on Friday May 13, 2016- only 5 days prior to the talk (and just before a weekend and two holidays). They are citing "security concerns" as reason for the the cancellation. According to the statement issued by them, protestors from outside have threatened to disrupt the talk violently.

This is a further incident in which freedom of speech and human rights activism are stifled by institutions in Oldenburg. Zionist and so-called "Anti-Deutsche" have started smear campaigns against individual activists and against BDS as such. Their efforts have proven quite succesful so far. Something we can´t let go on.

We demand from the City of Oldenburg (Hans-Dieter Remmers, Kulturbüro): Enable free speech! Don´t give in to pseudo-leftist holigans and panicking zionists! REINSTATE THE EVENT "BDS! the Palestinian human rights campaign introduces itself!"  

 Stand with human rights and anti-Apartheid struggle! Do so before the courts force you to reinstate the event!

(All signers of this petition are asked to give their personal reason and additionally add one fact about Israeli Apartheid and occupation that must end. - Alle Unterschreibenden werden gebeten kurz persönlich zu begründen, warum diese Veranstaltung stattfinden soll und ein Fakt hinzuzufügen, dass den Charakter der israelischen Apartheid und Besatzung widerspiegelt und gestoppt werden muss.)

 P.S. Wegen eines bugs auf wird trotz mehrfachem Entfernen die ESG als Adressat angegeben. Dies trifft in diesem konkreten Fall nicht zu.) 









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