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Here at Praise Joe we have been lucky enough to be part of creating something special a space for the local Tighes hill community and surrounding suburbs to embrace  it has quickly become a local hub a meet and great space where local family's and members of the community gather.

Unfortunately  due to a complaint Newcastle city council has removed out out door seating on the union st side overlooking our amazing mural that we helped create offering no solution or compromise after nearly two years of there not being an issue.

We have always been small but due to the current environment our seating has been significantly reduced now removing our out door seating as well can and will have a detrimental impact to our small business already seeing a decline in sales We are a family run business creating jobs for local novacastrians  this is our sole income investing everything we have into Praise Joes the knock on effects of this will have a definite impact on us. 

By signing this petition to show your support to this cause close to our hearts you will be helping us try to resolve this issue. 

much love always the Praise Joe family ..