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Remove Christopher Columbus monument from Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Christopher Columbus is the progenitor of the genocide perpetrated by Europeans upon Indigenous Americans. He was a slave trader, serial rapist and child sex trafficker who did everything in his power to attempt to exterminate them.

Despite all of the evidence and common knowledge of Columbus's evil, monuments to him inexplicably persist in many American cities, a direct affront to Indigenous Peoples and BIPOC and a constant reminder of the White Supremacy present in all the forms of systemic, structural racism here.

It is time for this legacy to end. It is way past time to take out our trash. Statues honoring traitors, slave traders and perpetrators of genocide are coming down either quietly or by force around the world, and we will not abide this statue's continued presence. We demand the City of Kenosha move proactively to dismantle its disgraceful monument to Christopher Columbus immediately!


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