Stop Asphalt Fumes - Irvine

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To the great Community of Northern & East Irvine,

Do you know that we have been silently poisoned for years? The All American Asphalt factory, located at 10671 Jeffrey Road in Irvine has been releasing nauseating smell, visible irritants and tiny soot from their asphalt production process. The smell usually gets worse during the wee hours of 12:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. due to the wind direction which blows towards the residential areas. After over hundreds of complaints being lodged, it has been verified that the All American Asphalt has expanded its production and are not in compliance with the air quality regulations set forth.

The asphalt fumes can cause huge negative impact on our health and property value. According to many researchers, long term exposure to asphalt fumes can cause headache, throat and eye irritation, respiratory disease, and even cancer. As a result, neighbors have unfortunately resorted to closing windows and minimizing outdoor activities such as biking or walking the kids to school. This is robbing the joy of living in our beloved Communities. Now that more people have discovered this issue that we are battling, many realtors are starting to be cautious when bringing buyers to the area, and many potential buyers are being skeptical about purchasing their homes here. When the demand falls while the supply continues to rise, as many new homes are still being built and residents who are worried of this issue are trying to move out, prices of the homes will drop.

By signing below, let us fight together for our health and our children’s future.

Call to action:
1) Gain critical mass of signatures from all concerned and observant citizens,
2)Through elected official or legal means, force the aforementioned Factory to re-examine or even cease its production.

Firm resolution-target: All American Asphalt should CEASE production immediately and RELOCATE far from residential areas.

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