Shut down The Ranch Roadhouse

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Staff at The Ranch Roadhouse violate many of the policies outlined in the basic ProServe training that (should have been) provided to them. This weekend, a close friend of many young people in the Edmonton area, passed away due to the negligence of the staff at the aforementioned bar. He was kicked out for undisclosed reasons into -10 weather, and the staff at the bar did not even remotely follow protocol in terms of liability. This is not the first occurrence at The Ranch that has been handled in this manner as it is the second death to occur do to neglectful ejection. Another issue with the staff there is their stance on sexual assault. They are an extremely sexist establishment and believe that women are bound to be taken advantage of/assaulted when they are intoxicated. I, firsthand, was advised by a bouncer to "go to a library" if I didn't like this. The Ranch Roadhouse also allows minors inside the 18+ establishment- with no ID. They have accepted social media and the University of Alberta's oneCard as valid ID for teenagers in the past. This behaviour is unacceptable and The Ranch Roadhouse should be held accountable for the many instances of substandard behaviour.

The Ranch Roadhouse either needs to be retrained on protocol and how to handle certain situations, appointed new and qualified staff, or shut down.