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Amend the Policy re: The Licensing Act (Scotland) 2005

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We, the undersigned, appeal to City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) to request the Licensing Board take steps to fast-track a
supplementary licensing statement, which strikes the vexatious “inaudible” clause from section 6.2 of their licensing policy; and, that when the licensing policy is reviewed and updated, such is not reinstated[1].

A thriving year-round music scene is in all our interests. It encourages visitors outwith the Festival season, keeps a wide range of local businesses operating, and should not be sacrificed to appease those who care more about the value of their property increasing.

The current “inaudibility” clause in the overly-verbose CEC licensing policy is unique within the UK – if not right across the EU. It permits officers of the Licensing Board to rule, arbitrarily, in favour of a sole complainant with absolutely no scientific measurement of the volume of music from licensed premises; or, comparison with ambient background noise.

Thus, it does not reflect reality, and calls into question the legitimacy of the CEC implementation of the Licensing Act (Scotland) 2005. It is imperative that the council's commitment to bolster live music in the city is underpinned with reality-based policy, which allow for year-round music, and performing arts, without licensees being subjected to the tyranny of the minority.

Local musicians, and others, have already engaged with CEC regarding this issue through the Live Music Matters meetings, and the Desire Lines workshops. However, no progress on striking the vexatious “inaudibility” clause prior to the late 2016 review of policy seems likely without encouragement from a far-broader base. Having established that Edinburgh's current implementation of the Licensing Act (Scotland) 2005 is uniquely discomfiting to venues, musicians, and those who enjoy live music, acting to have this removed would be an excellent good-faith move on the part of CEC.

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