Save The Douglas Fir � Trees

Save The Douglas Fir � Trees

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Sunshine Hills in Delta is known for the beautiful Douglas Fir trees.  How will Sunshine Hills look in 5-7 years when very little Douglas Fir trees are left?    Bylaws permit us to cut 1 Douglas Fir every 2 years so long as we replace it with any tree.  These bylaws won’t protect our landscape.

In 2015, council considered revisiting the bylaw but decided instead on just a few amendments, including allowing one tree to be cut without an arborist's report, or outside of an emergency, every 24 months instead of one each calendar year.

The previous big overhaul of the tree bylaw was in 2006.

“While it is important to ensure that trees are planted to replace those that are removed, planting two small trees does not necessarily make up for the loss of a mature tree with a large diameter tree canopy (e.g. young cherry trees vs. an 80-year-old Douglas-fir). It is proposed to review and update the Bylaw to ensure that tree protection and replacement regulations are more reflective of the financial and environmental value of the trees being removed. It is also proposed to develop a program to conserve heritage trees and other significant trees in the community, and to ensure that the Bylaw takes these trees into account,” a report to council notes.

Simply planting any replacement tree in lieu of 150 year old Douglas Fir is not suffice.   Many people choose to live in Sunshine Hills because of the trees if we as a community don’t do something to save the trees our neighbourhood is going to look very different 5-7 years.  One threat is as new development of homes are destroying our Douglas Fir trees.  

Lets conserve our green space landscape.  Please sign the petition.