Help homeless kittens and cats in Brantford by supporting a City of Brantford TNR program

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There are multiple grass roots animal rescue groups that help community residents with homeless, sick, abandoned kittens, stray cats, and feral cats. Nobody likes to see sick baby kittens on the street, or crying at your door for food when it’s -15 outside. Not to mention hearing male cats fighting, or mating with unfixed females! With the rise of rabies in Ontario, it is beneficial to vaccinate roaming cats as well. “TNR” is the process of live trapping, neutering, vaccinating, and returning the cat to where it was trapped to live as a “community cat”. The left ear is cut slightly, called ear-tipping, so the public know the animal has been fixed and vaccinated. This protects the community (people & pets) from the spread of disease and also turns off the tap for unwanted kittens!! 

The City of Brantford currently contracts the Brant County SPCA for animal services (such as helping sick/injured stray cats) and I would like some funding for a TNR program to be included with the City of Brantford animal services. The need is great for a TNR program. TNR is proven effective (check out the Toronto Humane Society’s great work with community cats!)

The need has been around for over 10 years! It is time that the City of Brantford work together with the community on improving this issue.