Save Shelton View Forest in Bothell

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The Shelton View Forest is at risk of development. Now is the time to let the City of Bothell know what you think!

We hope to establish the Shelton View Forest as a space where the community can gather, learn, and explore in a unique natural environment. Bothell's forested spaces are disappearing rapidly, and with them, the potential for parks that benefit the entire community. We at the Shelton View Forest Stewardship Association strive to make our voices heard before reckless over-development and inadequate planning destroy these vital natural spaces and the opportunities for outdoor recreation and education that they provide. 

You do not have to be particularly outdoorsy to appreciate the value of forests like this. The future of our forests is linked to the health of our waterways, the quality of our air, and the prosperity of generations to come. Please join us in advocating for park space in Bothell.

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