Stop the Starvation of Community Cats of Disneyland and Anaheim!


There is a new Anaheim Law that says DISNEYLAND & Residents Must STARVE their BELOVED COMMUNITY CATS!

The city of Anaheim has enacted a new code that makes it illegal for residents to feed feral cats. Rather than spending their resources on humane spay/neuter programs, the city began harassing and threatening caretakers for simply feeding community cats; innocent creatures that depend on devoted feeders for their very lives.  Not only is this hurting cats, it is turning good-hearted people into criminals.  Anaheim is home to Disneyland, which has its own famous feral cat community. The 'Happiest Place on Earth' will become a very sad place if Anaheim decides to enforce their new law at Disneyland!  


You CAN Fight City Hall - and You Can Win!  With the Help of the Press, This Petition & Hundreds of Concerned Cat Lovers, Anaheim Fix Project Fought Anaheim’s Stray Cat Feeding Ban - and We Won!

Anaheim’s cruel feeding ban has been changed and now the City has asked us to PARTNER with them to help create humane new community cat policies and spay/neuter programs.  When feeding issues arise, instead of threatening feeders and euthanizing cats, the city now sends us out to TNR, rescue and find humane solutions. The GREAT news is that the city of Anaheim is considering this new pilot program an initial success and they tell us that this new model for community cat care will likely spread to other cities across the county, and perhaps even across the state! The BAD news is that Anaheim Fix Project is a very small, new, underfunded organization and we are overstretched, overwhelmed and unable to keep up. We don’t have the resources or people to continue this exciting new project without more donations, more volunteers and support from larger organizations.  This is an incredible opportunity to make a truly meaningful, largescale impact on the lives of community cats for now and for the future, but we need your help!  Together, we CAN FIGHT CITY HALL!  We can change the way California’s cities and counties legislate and treat their community cats!  Let us know how you can help us make this Anaheim pilot program a success and how we can help you use Anaheim’s pilot program to influence your city!  

For more information please visit the facebook page for Anaheim Fix Project / OC Communitry Cats:      

To Make a Donation:

We are in dire need of donations to help us feed the 500 plus kitties who depend on us for food and care everyday! Thank you for any help at all! No amount is too small! 

Let us know if you live in Orange County, California and would like to come VOLUNTEER with Anaheim Fix Project!  Come Help the Kitties! 

Thank you for caring! 

Anaheim Fix Project



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