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PepsiCo must end the use of palm oil

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Dear PepsiCo,

While I like PepsiCo products very much,
I cannot accept the fact that the palm oil you use for your products
plays a significant part in a problem that puts the survival of many endangered species at risk
and might lead to global environmental damages.

Through the creation of palm oil plantations for your products,
vast rain forest areas are destroyed every day.

1. If you keep using palm oil,
you will play a significant part in the extinction of many kinds of different animals and plants.
Besides, the deforestation of the rain forest areas
emits a huge amount of Carbon Dioxide.
In other words, it intensifies Global Climate Change.

2. Through the deforestation of the rain forest areas
you hurt people living in or close to the rain forests, as well.

3. The people who work on the plantation are treated inhumanly, too.
They have to work very long hours each day
while earning money that is barely sufficient to live on.

By the usage of palm oil, you are responsible for the suffering of the environment and the people.

I demand changes.

As a consumer of PepsiCo products, I can no longer support this development.

I call on PepsiCo to stop using palm oil completely in all of its products.

Furthermore, I demand that the people who work on the plantations are treated fairly.
I ask you, PepsiCo, to support a Fair Trade organization
in order to ensure that the people on the plantations receive fair pay.

If you, PepsiCo, stop using palm oil,
I will be ready to pay for your products at an increased price.

But for now I will quit buying PepsiCo products.

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