Save the town of Dundas

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A resident of Hamilton ON started a petition on this same platform asking the city of Hamilton to rename the town of Dundas. This person put together a little over 200 signatures.  Their letter requesting the renaming was received by Hamilton council at their July 24th meeting. While there was no directive for council to take any further action, there is still concern that this may only be the first of other attempts to erase our town's name. This petition seeks to keep that from happening. 

The town of Dundas deserves to live on, if only in name. We have already lived the indignity of having our town forcibly amalgamated with Hamilton by the Harris government. We have already had our once self sufficient and prosperous town relegated to the status of suburb of Hamilton. Let's not give away our last vestige of dignity, respect and history by letting them take away our name as well. 

Our town name is not just the man it was named after. Most people didn't even know who he was until virtue signally activists brought it up. The name Dundas is so much more. It's our history. Our home. Our personal touchstone in this world. It's where we grew up, lived our lives and where our families are buried. It is all our collective histories. Not one man. We predate the city of Hamilton in time and in importance to the province. We shouldn't be forced to submit to their bylaw or to social activists run amok. 

Sign the petition. Stop the madness. Save our town name!