Stop Industrial-Scale Solar on Agricultural - Rural Land

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UPDATE: Historic Culpeper, VA is once again being threatened by industrial-scale solar projects. Three separate solar developers want to destroy 4,500 acres of agricultural/rural land.  That’s the size of more than 1,100 Walmart stores, or 833 football fields. Cricket Solar (1,800 acres - they withdrew in 2019, but are back), Maroon Solar (1,700 acres) and Greenwood Solar (1,067 acres - expired in October 2020, but has the ability to come back unless a Culpeper solar ordinance is put in place), are all in close proximity to each other. 

These solar projects would allow for installation of over 1 million solar panels on prime farmland, woodlands, and historic rural land. The environment, wildlife, our watershed, and resident property values would be harmed.  This project would be funded by tax-payer subsidies and huge corporate tax credits. The energy created by this project would NOT reduce electric rates in the county and very few local jobs would be created. These projects threaten Culpeper tourism which promotes its historic and agricultural heritage. 

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