Rescue the animals at the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok!

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Please help to stop this. We went to the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok and we were really shocked to see the animals being held for worst conditions without space to move or even to stand on the floor. Some rodents got a chain around the neck in addition to the way too small cages. They looked ill, injured or almost dead, especially the about 50 fishes in one small plastic bag. People there sell cats and dog, various kinds of rodents, turtles, parrots, sloths, roosters and chickens and many others. The alleys in the market are loud and narrow and it's obvious that they are scared or exhausted. Some of them run back and fourth to find a way to escape from the agony. They are treated like objects like they do not have any feelings or feel pain. Animal welfare is not present in this market. I don't know what happens to these animals when they close the shops at night, but I do not think they will be released even for a short time. Maybe it's not possible to stop this cruel animal trade, but the vendors should not be allowed to hold them like this! Less animals, bigger cages, wider streets, noise protection and enough food. Two years ago the World Animal Protection and other organizations rescued tigers of the tiger Tempel in Thailand, maybe they can help us to increase the conditions for the animals if they can't stop the animal trade.