NOW is the time for The Targeted Citizens Act.

NOW is the time for The Targeted Citizens Act.

837 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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Started by USAGSA

I am a victim of community-oriented policing. This program is funded through the department of justice. Community oriented policing is merely an idea that gets millions, yet there is no process by which a victim that is maliciously targeted to challenge an unlawful and unconstitutional act against themselves.

I have been and continue to be victimized by law enforcement our judicial system, local and state as well as a host of State Actors. Community oriented policing uses the exact same protocol as the banned Cointelpro program of the FBI. COP participants refuse to acknowledge that they are participating in COP much less offer some type of grievance process or administration remedy.

10 of thousands of American citizens are systemically denied due process and systemically have their Civil and Constitutional rights recklessly violated. This Orwellian dystopia is a start reality for thousands. COP operatives work the program in deceit, lies, rumors, smear tactics and they do this relentlessly until the target moves out of the country or dies!

when I attempt to complaint i am immediately gaslighted and marginalized by those that are in a position of trust and PUBLIC SERVICE. The crimes continue because the targeted individual will be treated even more harshly for trying to speak about this unlawful, unconstitutional program. The United States is a Nation of laws however this taxpayer funded program operates on a platform to circumvent judicial process and the constitution. Once a citizen is targeted, they are targeted for life. We do not enjoy Equal Protection nor the inalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.

Targeted individuals are deprived of housing, employment and basic human dignity. This must change at once. How many more Americans will have to die at the hands of their homeland? This is why we are asking you, our voice in Washington to give us back our voices, dignity and life by passing into law a bill that protects citizens from malicious, deadly and unconstitutional acts against them. A citizen needs to have a place to file a complaint and to request information as to why they are being targeted as well as a remedy process to have the targeting stopped. Citizens should be able to file agency tort claim for liability issues caused by those participating in COPS. As an American Citizen and having to persuade my county to give me back my god giving rights is very sad. So now, WE the Targeted American Citizen move that the House of Representatives take immediate and decisive action.

837 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!