Harder Time for Animal Abuse

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Animal abuse and neglect in Montgomery County Virginia needs to carry a much stronger criminal charge and the laws stated differently. Currently, most individuals go unpunished due to the fact that as long as an animal has food, water, and shelter and no abuse is witnessed first hand, the perpetrators only receive a warning. In the event that enough evidence is collected, a perpetrator will typically only receive a fine or warning and the harshest punishment being a Class 1 Misdemeanor. 

We are petitioning Montgomery County officials to crack down on animal abuse and neglect across the county. Offenders should receive a Felony, this would better deter individuals from committing the crime and carry a longer and more serious sentence. Attention needs to be raised to the issue, animals shouldn't have to live in deplorable conditions such as being locked inside a cage 24/7 while their owners only receive warnings. Animals are innocent and don't ask to be put in these conditions, please help the animals in our county!