Chisholm CC 2022 - Leavers Jackets

Chisholm CC 2022 - Leavers Jackets

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ella harris started this petition

We as the year 12 student body of Chisholm believe that we as a school should be able to move forward in the regulations surrounding wearing our leaver's jackets. Though we are aware this topic has been debated for many years, we are in a different time. This year we have:

  • had to wear masks all year
  • lost our overnight retreat 
  • worn masks at our ball
  • temporarily lost our microwaves, panini presses, and music in the quad
  • lost our swimming carnival

Alongside these disappointing outcomes of the year, we are aware that this is not the fault of the school, however we do believe that there should be some sort of compensation for what has become a very dishearted year group. Further, students pursuing a TAFE pathway completely miss out on this senior privilege as they are off campus on Thursdays (our designated jacket day). This is not a fair outcome. We as a school should be encouraging togetherness and solidarity - the year 12s wearing our jackets together enables us to bond closer in our final moments at school and embrace Chisholm life. 

Now for the specifics, we as a year group would like to change the number of days we can wear our leaver's jackets to two days a week. This may seem like a pointless and simple change but it is not. Increasing the number f days even by 1 will increase the number of students who can be a part of the year 12 experience significantly. 

In summary, we just want to have a positive year 12 experience. Having so many senior privileges already taken from us, it is imperative that we can find a way to overcome the disappointment and view our final year in a positive light. 

1,029 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!