Protection for dogs in China

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A genocide against dogs is underway in Hangzhou, all of China Mixed breed ‘mutt’ dogs are now classed as banned breeds and forbidden to be licensed, which put a death sentence on them. Officials are going into people’s houses and pet shops to remove unlicensed and banned dogs, including mixed breed dogs. All dogs are forbidden on streets between 7am and 7pm. No exceptions!

City officials are seizing and beating dogs to death on the streets and drowning them in parks. “Foreign pedigree dogs can be licensed, but not local rural dogs!” said government officials. Without a license they will be seized.

Many Chinese dog owners in Hangzhou, China are low income earners and have a mixed breed dog which is part of their family. They cannot afford to buy expensive foreign pedigree dogs. If they are not allowed to register their mixed breed dog for a license that is a death sentence for their loved pet.

We need to get the government to ban cruelty on any canine breed! To lift the death sentence on all mixed breeds and for the first time in history protect their dogs!

Personal story
I follow fight dog meat page (Facebook) they are an amazing organisation that are doing their best at making a change they have made such a difference with rescuing animals and pushing for laws to change I want to do my bit to help them reach their goal in protecting the animals of China. I am a hugh animal lover and to read these heart breaking stories day in day out and not be able to do anything to help is absolutely heart renching. I want to get enough signatures for this to fall on the mayors desk and he has no other choice but to change the law! So please if you love your pets, and care deeply about compassion towards animals then please help me in my fight for protection. 

For updates follow ‘fight dog meat’ page on Facebook as the story unfolds �