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Another hideous animal killing has occurred in China Lijiang !
This evil woman in the photo below, bought a cat (photo 2) in the pet shop. But three days after she requested a refund because of her personal economic reasons.
After being rejected,she SKINNED the cat and THREW the body in front of the pet shop door. Her outrageous behavior caused public outrage! Activists have successfully found out this evil woman's personal information.

Name: Zhang Lan Yan
Birth : 8/sep/1994.9.8
Address of home Town : Sichuan Province, Dazhu County, God of Rural Red May Village She now lives in Lijiang Yulong County, near the first secondary school,
Mobile phone number : 15287658339, QQ number 1074561070

As China does not have animal protection law, This cruel slaughter will not be subject to any legal sanctions, Which makes the perpetrators have no fear!"

I get this information from Animals lover's forum and want to China's President do the distinct judgement for this cruel woman. So many cases happen in China of animal cruelty. Please make it over, ask people (chinese) to think how it feels like, put her to the jail.

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