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Chinese citizen journalist Zhang Zhan still on hunger strike 中国公民记者张展仍在绝食抗争

Free ZhangZhan
London, United Kingdom

Nov 14, 2020 — 

Thank you for signing this petition to show your solidarity with Zhang Zhan, who went to Wuhan to report on the Coronavirus crisis defying repression. She showed remarkable courage in fighting for human rights and freedom of speech in today’s China.


Today marks 6 months since citizen journalist and former lawyer Zhang Zhan was arrested from Wuhan by Shanghai police and detained in Pudong Detention Center. According to RFA’s recent reports, Zhan has been on a prolonged hunger strike since May to protest her arbitrary detention and show her determination not to be coerced into admitting guilt; she has been fed fluid by those in her cell to maintain her life. The authorities accuse her of “fabricating lies” and intend to sentence her to 5 years. Lawyer Wen Yu has been pressurized into withdrawing from representing her.


One of Zhan’s friends, who is also a lawyer, said: “Interviewing people on streets during the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic is an action detested by the authorities. If not for overseas netizens’ continuous attention to Zhan’s case, it would have been buried and forgotten long ago.”


Since the launch of the #FreeZhangZhan petition, several media reports mentioned this petition attracting support from people in and outside China. Thank you again for your support! Please continue to share this petition on various platforms and voice your support to Zhan, especially when she is still on a hunger strike. We hope more individuals and organizations committed to human rights will speak up for Zhang Zhan.

自由张展联署活动发起后,多家媒体对张展案的报道中都会提到已有众多海内外网友签名支持张展。再次谢谢您的参与!请继续转发本联署活动,声援张展的绝食抗争,让更多重视中国人权的海内外人士、媒体及机构为张展发声!不方便参与联署的国内朋友请将想对张展或当局说的话发给我们代为匿名公布(推特标签 #墙内声援张展的声音)。

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