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It is really frustrating to witness our revered cows and progeny feeding on polybags and then dying a painful death.Cow is the most sacred and worshiped animal in India , then why are we turning our face from her current pathetic condition ? Each day thousands of innocent cows and progeny are dying in our country.

Cows are not able to open the leftover food polybags with knot  and they end up eating the entire packet.
In Dhyan Foundation innumerable surgeries have been done on such cows and bulls and what we found is 50-60 kgs plastic piled up in their stomach.

Cow symbolize compassion,charity and abundance, because of the way she gives her milk to everyone and other gau products - dung ,urine are of utmost utility to humans.
We can survive without polythene bags in our daily lives but cows can't survive with polythene bags in their stomach,with time there is a huge amount of plastic which gets build up in their stomach and takes the form of stone like material ,hence untimely painful death.

Guiding light of Dhyan Foundation Yogi Ashwini ji says "It is dharma of every human being to protect weak and helpless".

Are we doing our Dharma ?

Our PM says ,we should stop cows feeding on these polybags but Sir how can we stop untill polybags production is on ?Each state Govt should ban the production of shopping polybags immediately and we citizens will surely follow the law.

  • Polybags particularly under 50 microns are not being recycled  and it may take hundreds of years to decompose ,creating menace in the society.
  • The central Govt must clear garbage dumps & remove plastic from open spaces especially roadsides.
  • Abondoning cows on roads to eat garbage is offence under PCA act section 3,11 & IPC 428,429,289.
  • Bring these owner of stray cows,the perpetrator to books.
  • Having the milk of cows feeding on plastic and garbage ,will lead to hazardous diseases.
  • There must be open grazing space for cows.They eat plastic wrapped edibles because they are hungry,if they get their space then cattle intake of plastic can be evaded.

There have been directives from our honorable courts to most of the state goverments to ban polybags ,Supreme court said "we are sitting on plastic time bomb " but orders have not been implemented with conviction,hence result is infront of us.
Would urge central and state govts to rid our society of this menace and help our cows and progeny lead a healthy life, they deserve.

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