Add Ukrainian dubbing and subtitles for Netflix Ukraine and Amazon Prime Video content


Add Ukrainian dubbing and subtitles for Netflix Ukraine and Amazon Prime Video content

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I will try to explain Netflix and Amazon (As of December 2016 Amazon Prime Video became available in more than 200 countries including Ukraine) why it is necessary to add Ukrainian Voice-over (VO) or Dubbing (Dub) and Ukrainian subtitles (ukr.subs).

Netflix has already added ukr.subs to the 1st season of Fuller House (proof) and this is great. I believe that ukr.subs should be added to all, or at least to the majority of the content on Netflix Ukraine and Amazon. Because in Ukraine, same as in other countries, there are people with hearing disabilities. However, Dub and VO are the most popular in Ukraine. Starting from 1991 more than 20 thousand (according to my rough estimations) movies, shows etc. were voice-overed and dubbed in ukrainian language.

A comment from "I would actually recommend (for entertainment value) to watch TV series and films dubbed in Ukrainian, they are absolutely amazing and hilarious to a native speaker and I almost always will choose a Ukrainian dub over a Russian if I have the option. Classics - Alf, The Simpsons"

Here are some most successful examples: The Simpsons – translated by Fedir Sydoruk (15 seasons, translated for M1 TV channel). The article about Russian speaking Ukrainians loving the Ukrainian dub of The Simpsons.
ALF (1986–1990), Świat według Kiepskich, Shrek (2001), Friends (1994-2004) – translated by Oleksa Nehrebets'kyi;
The Matrix Reloaded (2003), The Matrix Revolutions (2003), Coming to America (1988), South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999), Sex and the City (1998–2004) – translated by Roman Diachenko for the 1+1 TV channel;
Badlands (1973), The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Three Kings (1999), Saving Private Ryan (1998) – translated by Oleh Pashyn;
Ocean's Eleven (2001), Escape from Alcatraz (1979), The Big Lebowski (1998) – translated by Serhii Kovalchuk for Novyj TV channel.
There were also many more movies, not mentioned here. I can provide a more detailed list if needed.

Unfortunately NONE of these or any other thousands of movies are possible to purchase with Ukrainian audio translation, because it has NEVER been added to DVD/Blu-ray or to the website where it is possible to watch content legally. In turn, this creates piracy. Starting from 2007 the situation has changed a bit.
In 2006 the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a decree by which it introduced a quota for dubbing foreign movies. Starting from 2007 about 95% of movies were theatrically released with ukrainian dubs or VO.
Box office results in Ukraine starting from 2007.
One of the first cartoons Cars (2006), dubbed in ukrainian language for the theatrical release, had an amazing success (page 3). Mostly this happened because of the good translation. By this I am trying to say that translation should be done by professional translators, who know Ukrainian language perfectly. Because poor translations into Ukrainian exist as well.
Not so long ago the EX.UA website was shut down. As of February 2016 this website was among the most popular in Ukraine. It had about 15 thousand movies with Ukrainian Dub or VO. Up to 90-95% of that content can't be bought legally with Ukrainian audiotracks. This is why Netflix and Amazon have a huge potential. Please, do not waste it. You produce exclusive content – shows and movies, which come out on your websites. This is basically the same when the movie comes out in the cinema. It is very important to at least have a facebook page where you could inform about recently published content. Polish version has at least two of those:
NflixPL, Netflix Polska Społeczność. These facebook pages inform about the new content on Netflix Poland. This kind of pages increase your popularity and attract potential customers. I can create a fan-page for Netflix Ukraine or Amazon Prime Video Ukraine to inform about latest content and announcements. I have been administrating facebook pages related to cinema for 3 years now, so I have some experience. Personally I (and I think many more other people who sign a petition) am ready to pay for the content on Netflix or Amazon, but only if it has ukrainian VO or Dub and subtitles. This means it should truly become Netflix Ukraine, the way in Poland (Netflix Is Now Truly Polish). In case you are not sure whether ukrainian translation will bring you income, you can talk to Bohdan Batruch. He's the owner of the biggest film distribution company B&H Film Distribution and Le Doyen Studio the largest dubbing studio in Ukraine. Ukrainian text of the petition is HERE

Sincerely, Viktor Bezvidkhodko.


This petition made change with 100,778 supporters!

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