Lake Haven Animal Rescue, Please Stop Declawing Your Kittens and Younger Cats!

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Dear Cheryl McCloud, Director of Lake Haven Animal Rescue in Newaygo, Michigan,

We, the undersigned, ask you to no longer declaw the kittens and younger cats at your rescue. Please protect all animals and speak out against declawing.

Please protect the health and well-being of cats and kittens and stop performing this inhumane, mutilating, and very unnecessary procedure just to get a cat in a home quicker.

 You do so many wonderful things for animals at Lake Haven Rescue but declawing does NOT keep a cat in a home and all declawed cats suffer in some way from walking on their amputations. Laser declawing is NOT better or humane! Burning off a cat's toe bones and claws is just as destructive as the other methods.

Declawing is the amputation of a cat's last toe bone and claw. It is performed routinely in Michigan veterinary clinics by unethical and greedy declawing vets, despite it having absolutely no benefit to the cat and despite it being bad for the welfare of ALL cats.

Cats deserve better. Declawing is NOT a compassionate solution to finding cats a home.

Please provide brochures and information about the humane and commonsense alternatives like nail trims, sturdy scratchers, deterrents, and Soft Paws. Please educate cat owners in Michigan about the awful truth about declawing so they stop asking for this barbaric and harmful procedure for their beloved cats.

Stop deceiving your foster volunteers and the public in your area to believe that declawing is ok just because you have it done by "superior skilled surgeons" who barbarically and inhumanely amputate a cat's toe bones and claws.

You say on social media posts, "I don't view declaw any worse than a spay." You say, "I view the declaw as a small price to pay for the reward of getting a quick, loving inside home, rather than dying in a county shelter. Our kittens do very well with it we have caring good surgeons and use pain meds. Further I have found when declawed as a kitten and if they have to be rehomed later, it improves their chances of getting a home."

Cats need their toes and claws for so many aspects of their health and well-being.

Here is a simple video from Dr Robin Downing, who is an expert in pain management. Show this to your volunteers and the public and ask them to help educate the public about declawing.

Please have the veterinary practice that is in charge of Lake Haven Rescue and your vet, Dr Marie Brueker with Fremont Animal Hospital, help you educate cat owners about the harm that a declaw does to a cat's health and well-being. Fremont Animal Hospital's facebook page-

It's time for you to be strong and be a true leader in animal welfare and protection in your state. We will celebrate your bravery in leading the way to a better world for cats.

Here is more about Lake Haven Rescue and declawing.

 Here is the Lake Haven Animal Rescue facebook page group-

For more information about declawing go to the and


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