Protect Mixbury from 300,000 intensively factory farmed chickens in Oxfordshire

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Mixbury is a small village within a conservation area and yet it is under threat from plans for 6 massive broiler sheds producing intensively farmed chickens which will detrimentally change the area forever.

Each unit houses 45 - 50,000 birds (that’s c.20 birds per square metre), whose life span is only 6 weeks. This application is for 300,000 birds per cycle, or 2.6 million per year. We feel this will adversely impact our lives in terms of noise and light pollution, but more alarmingly, odour omissions and air contamination from dust effecting a large area and threatening the noxious, ammonia smell that is synonymous with these operations. This is not only unpleasant for everyone but could cause problems for anyone with asthma or other breathing conditions.

We have been unable to secure any meaningful guarantee from the Applicant or developer that there will be no adverse consequence for the villagers and it has become apparent that this proposal is purely industrial farming, with little thought for the surrounding villages - and certainly not to animal welfare, where it’s reported over 20% of the birds will suffer infection affecting their mobility.

*** If you’re an advocate for protecting the British countryside and our environment at large and champion the ‘buy less, buy better’ approach to buying meat, please take a few seconds to sign this petition and support our opposition. We do this not just for our village and those surrounding, but with passion that such an opposition should form a ripple effect throughout the country. ***
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To view the application, search for '19/00423/F' at

Objection to Application number 19/00423/F | Erection of 6 No. poultry rearing buildings and associated infrastructure |  Featherbed Lane Mixbury Brackley NN13 5RN – Cherwell District Council.


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