Help Demand that Robert Griffin Jr Resign from Ottawa Police for Abuse Against Elderly

Help Demand that Robert Griffin Jr Resign from Ottawa Police for Abuse Against Elderly

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Ottawa Police officers are among the best in Canada.  Ottawa Police officers have saved many lives and always take a great professional pride and joy in doing so. 

Unfortunately, that apparently doesn't include Detective Robert Griffin, Jr. of the Ottawa Police Services. Thanks to this "fine" Detective, Dezrin Carby-Samuels can no longer walk, write or talk anymore.

The above photo shows the condition that Dezrin was in back in June 2015 after one month of being subjected to abuse by her husband with the the apparent support of Detective Robert Griffin who has turned a once energetic superwoman into a even worse condition today, thanks to this "fine" Detective.

Back in April 2015, the Ottawa Police Services was shown a note from Dezrin presented by Dezrin's son to Ottawa Police Services.  In Dezrin's own handwriting, she wrote down that "Dad Abuses Me".

Now, most police officers would have thanked the son and sought to protect Dezrin from further abuse from her husband.  That's what Dezrin had wanted.

Instead, Detective Robert Griffin hijacked the Ottawa Police's investigation and has since then sought to protect the wife abuser from his wife's representation of his abuse and in order to apparently punish Dezrin, has sought to prevent her from seeing her own son since 12 June 2015.

One 15 June 2015 Detective Robert Griffin apparently stormed down to the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Centre and demanded that they prevent Dezrin and her son from having any further contact with each other.

Ms Alison Timons had wanted to present evidence to court in support of Dezrin's son of the abuse they had witnessed by Dezrin's husband against her.  But as a result of these apparent threats, they became scared by threats which Dezrin's son had also experienced from Robert Griffin Jr.

As a result of Robert Griffin getting Dezrin's son to be illegally evicted from  protecting his Mom from her husband's abuse, Dezrin's suffered continued abuse by her husband with the apparent support of a misogynistic police officer.

Who but an apparent "dirty copy" and low-life who has neither respect for women or the elderly would be responsible for such apparent cruel and sadistic behaviour an especially against a woman like Dezrin who had been an able-bodied, energetic "super-woman" before she was exposed to an apparent criminal conspiracy perpetuated?

Dezrin had begged to see her son, but made Dezrin know that she would never ever see her son again.  What could she a "nigger" and a "cripple" do about it, and the public would never know!

In the featured video, you will hear this "fine" Detective many one of many phone calls that were apparent of his strategy of harassment against Dezrin's son for having shown the Ottawa Police the note from his Mother.

And this Detective is apparently being paid $129,000/yr to repress a little old lady for now more than three years who has become severely disabled as a result of this "fine" Detective's activities?

We, the undersigned demand that the Office of the Police Chief accept the resignation of Detective Robert Griffin and that the Ottawa Police Chief ensure that Detective Griffin cease and desist his apparent criminal interference for over three years which has prevented Dezrin and her son seeing each other.