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The most recent example of the blatant disregard for animals by OSPCA took place recently in a municipality outside Thunder Bay, Ontario.

In September a farm was condemned by the local Health Department, resulting in OSPCA investigating the property and issuing the farmer a 30 day Compliance Order to see to the care and shelter of his domestic and farm animals in "deplorable conditions".  At that time OSPCA seized 18 dogs including 15 puppies who have since been diagnosed with coccidia and hook worm.  Dogs become infected by swallowing soil that contains coccidia and can lead to death. Animals can be infected with hook worm by ingestion of larvae from contaminated soil or water. Hookworms can also cause a skin disease in humans.


OSPCA returned to the farm November 3 to follow up on the Compliance Order at which time they laid  40 charges against the farmer under the OSPCA Act and the Criminal Code of Canada for non compliance pertaining to the cruelty, care and condition of his animals.

List of charges:

" The inspector also found a variety of other animals including cattle, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, pigs and turkeys living in what the OSPCA described as deplorable conditions. There about 90 animals in total on the property"

OSPCA is solely responsible in Ontario for domestic and farm animals but they turned their back on these suffering animals. They left the property and to date have not make arrangements for more than 90 animals living in "deplorable conditions" including 18 horses and between 20- 30 dogs left without food, water or shelter

Neighbours can't get on the property and watched helplessly as horses pawed the ice covered pond in an attempt to get water. Some of the dogs got loose and have been seen running on the road.  It is not unreasonable to believe these dogs are infected as well. The farmer, who remains on the property,  claims he was told by OSPCA he can't release the animals or he will face an obstruction of justice charge. OSPCA deny it.

Ontario residents are sick and tired of the continual incompetence displayed by OSPCA. Hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars are wasted on impotent court cases brought about by faulty investigations,  legal fees and outlandish inflated salaries while animals in distress are left to suffer in the most dire circumstances.

WE ASK  immediate action be taken by OSPCA to rescue the animals remaining at the Mud Lake Road location.  If arrangements are necessary to transport them and OSPCA is unable to meet the immediate needs they must co-ordinate with family members and many local residents who have come forward and are willing to take these animals. Time is of the essence so these animals do not have to be euthanized because of their present circumstances.  At a time of year when temperatures have already dropped to -20C  weather plays a large part in their welfare. Action must be taken now to save these animals before they perish.

WE FURTHER ASK that an investigation be made into the lack of action by OSPCA agents Jeremy Gardiner and supervisor Lynn Michaud who failed their mandate to protect the animals or arrange for their care.  Despite neighbouring farmers, local residents and rescues offering to help,  OSPCA agents have refused to work with them.

WE FURTHER ASK the OSPCA agents involved, Animal Cruelty Investigator Jeremy Gardiner and Senior Inspector Lynn Michaud be charged with contributing to the cruelty and distress of animals by allowing the suffering of animals without taking steps to protect them.

There is an election coming up. Provincial Liberals may think animals aren't important because they don't vote.  They shouldn't lose sight  that those who care about animals do vote and we will remember the actions taken by the Liberal Party in June, 2018.

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